What Peer Mentors Need to Know


Peer Mentors are the first line of assistance for students with questions and/or concerns. Being in this role, training on necessary skills is paramount to the success of the program. The training is primarily in the form of modules (which comprise of a series of documents and quizzes) and workshops (which are in-person interactive training sessions led by a qualified individual), both of which hone particular skills. The Peer Mentor Moodle Course is available below:


In being a Peer Mentor, it is common, among other tasks, to commit a lot of time with a student in need of academic assistance. Hence, it is important that our Peer Mentors are servicing students appropriately and are able to get constructive feedback. To make way for such, below is a Peer Major Consult Form that tracks this type of interaction:


Through comprehensive training, Peer Mentors have provided excellent service in the past and continue to do so today, and as such, their work should be recognized. The links below lead to YUConnect to record volunteer hours and to a Machform to request a letter of reference.