PASS Leaders' Biographies

Thashvin Ramnauth
, Bachelor of Commerce Honors Finance
I am the PASS Leader for ECON 1000. This is my third semester as a PASS leader and it has been an enriching experience so far. I will be having my sessions on Zoom.
Fun fact about me:I am a huge fan of Chelsea Football Club and the best experience in my life has been swimming among dolphins since I’m from Mauritius, a tropical island.



Aneri Patel
, B.A Hons Economics and Psychology
I am the PASS leader for ECON 2300 for the summer term and will be holding virtual zoom sessions. This is my 5th semester that I will be a PASS leader and it has been an amazing experience so far. Looking forward to helping you all this semester!
Fun fact about me: I love painting and I have participated in The Small Montmartre of Bitola (International Art competition) held in Macedonia!


Florika Dauti
, BA Honours Financial and Business Economics
Hi everyone. I am the PASS leader for Econ 2500. This is my second term as a PASS leader, and I am very excited to help you gain a better understanding of economics concepts. Looking forward to having you all.
Fun fact about me: When I type, I like to use three dots… instead of a comma. It just feels more me.


Aditya Lakhina, B.A., Spec. Hons. Financial and Business Economics                       Hey guys! I’m the Pass Leader for ECON 1010. I will be holding my sessions on zoom. And really excited to be woking with you all.
Fun fact about me: I don’t think there is one, I’m a pretty boring person




Jessell Miranda
, Major/Year: Second-year ECON Major I am the PASS leader for ECON 1530 this semester.
Fun fact about me: I chose ECON as my major one month before my high school graduation. One of the best decisions I made.