The VANDOO - Vanier College Newspaper

Vanier College Newspaper Office:
028 Vanier College
416-736-2100 ext: 70522

vandoo Established in 1966, the Vandoo is Vanier College’s student operated newspaper. Funded and operated through Vanier College Council, the Vandoo is published monthly with a circulation of approximately  2,000  issues.  The  newspaper  focused on  Vanier  College,  with  attention  paid to current events, Vanier clubs and affiliates, sports, lifestyle, arts, technology and humour. It  is  staffed  by  a  team  of  editors  and  writers  who  work  on  each  issue,  as  well  as  contributing  writers  from  the  Vanier  community.  The  Vandoo  is  always  looking  for  new  writers  and  contributors  with  new  ideas  or  materials  to  offer.  Anyone  interested is welcome to drop by the office or contact the Editor-in-Chief Directly.