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Business and Society Student Association (BUSOSA)

The Business and Society Student Association has the purpose of integrating students and raising social and ethical awareness of issues related to society on business. We want to promote the welfare and interests of students in the Business and Society (BUSO) program of study at York University, and to provide services, activities, and facilities which address student needs and objectives. Our aim is to enrich the lives and educational experience of the students in the BUSO program through academic, cultural, recreational and social programming.

Location: 111 Vanier College                                                                                          Email:
Social Media: BUSO Facebook page | BUSO Instagram page

Children, Childhood and Youth Student Association

CHSTSA LOGOThe Children, Childhood and Youth Student Association is a dynamic organization for Children, Childhood, and Youth majors and minors, and their like-minded allies. The association is all about resources, advocacy and empowerment. The group organizes a range of events throughout the year – so successfully, that it won an award for exceptional efforts in promoting student engagement in the Faculty in the recent past.

Location: 101E  Vanier College
Social Media: CHSTSA Facebook Group

Classical Studies Students’ Association (CSSA)

clst logoThe CSSA is a social club organized by students with an interest in aspects of the great Classical civilization, in co-operation with York’s Classical Studies Programme and Vanier College.  The Executive of this club administers the Judith Rosner-Siegel Memorial Library (located in 101B Vanier College) and can provide occasional free tutoring for students in the lower-level Latin and Attic Greek courses.

Location: 101C Vanier College

Cognitive Science Students’ Association

The purpose of the Cognitive Science Students’ Association (COSSA) of York University is to unite all students with an interest in Cognitive Science and to provide a forum for which to exercise this interest. We are a multi-faceted community where we, as an association, put forth opportunities, facilitate discussions and instigate curiosity about the mind and its many faculties in hopes to ultimately play our part in allowing the field of Cognitive Science to flourish.

Location: 101D Vanier College

Culture & Expression Student Association

The Culture & Expression Student Association facilitates a community of students with interests in Culture & Expression. CESA hosts many social events and academic discussions to broaden our participants' opportunity for valuable social and professional networking. Culture & Expression students, as well as students from other majors, can socialize, network, and establish personal and professional relationships with other like-minded students and faculty who share an understanding and appreciation for the study and evaluation of Culture & Expression in today's society.


Economics Students' Association

The Economics Students’ Association (ESA) represents all undergraduate Economics students at York University. Every student pursuing an economics major is automatically a member of the association, which grants exclusive access to all of our events, services and initiatives. The ESA seeks to enhance the member’s university experience in the areas of academics, social life and career development. We strive to strengthen our Economics community by discussing current events, academic research and relevant job skills among peers, faculty and potential employers.

Location: 101A Vanier College
Social Media: ESA Facebook Page

Existere - Journal of Arts & Literature

Existere LogoExistere – Journal of Arts and Literature is a student-run semi-annual periodical. Founded in 1978 and supported by the Vanier College Council, the journal was revitalized for the October 2007 issue and continues to grow and thrive. Existere publishes exciting new works of poetry, short fiction, photographs, art, reviews, short plays, non-fiction articles and much more from local talent and from around the world. Check out their website, follow them on twitter, or stop by their office. Existere is also on Facebook. Volunteers always welcome. The journal is sold at the YU Bookstore and stores across Canada. Subscription encouraged.

Location: 028 & 028B Vanier College
Social Media: Twitter

Habitat Friends at YorkU

Habitat Friends at YorkU is a student chapter of Habitat for Humanity GTA (Habitat GTA). Habitat GTA is a non-profit housing organization that mobilizes volunteers and community partners to provide affordable housing and promote home-ownership. We believe that access to safe, decent and affordable housing is a basic human right. Through a hand up, not a hand out, Habitat offers a sustainable and long-term solution for the GTA that breaks the cycle of poverty one family at a time.

Location: 028 Vanier College

Humanities Student Association

The Humanities Student Association (HSA) is a student-run association for the benefit of all students at York. Anyone with an interest in the humanities, or who just needs help with a general education course, can join! We aim to provide an inclusive environment in which those involved in the humanities can seek support, guidance, and interact with various parts of the York community and assist those in humanities related studies whether it be their major, minor, general education credit, or elective. Furthermore, we plan to facilitate engagement, collaboration, and inter-student support between those in the humanities’ field and to unite students in related studies socially and academically.

Location: 101F Vanier College

Japanese International Student Association (JISA)

jisa logoThe Japanese International Student Association (JISA) is a club for anyone who is interested in Japan, Japanese culture, or the Japanese language. Our goal is to encourage cross-cultural communication between Japanese exchange/international students and other students at York University. All are welcome, and you do not have to be Japanese, nor be able to speak Japanese to join. Various cultural events are held yearly and a Japanese resource library is available.

Location: 110 Vanier College

Martial Arts Club at York University

yumac logoThe club consists of several styles of martial arts. Taekwondo, jiu jitsu, kickboxing, karate, muay thai, and boxing. Outdoor shoes are not allowed in the studio. So, please bring indoor shoes or be prepared to go in bare feet. Appropriate clothing: long pants and a t-shirt, or a Gi/Kimono. Shorts and tank tops are not allowed. Clothing must cover the armpit and back of the knee. The club has regular meetings, so we would appreciate knowing in advance if people plan to attend so that our sessions can accommodate everyone.

Location: 202 Vanier College
Social Media: Martial Arts Club Facebook Group

Philosophia, Undergraduate Student Philosophy Association

philosophia logoPhilosophia, York University’s undergraduate philosophical association, is an academic, student-run initiative that offers students a stimulating forum in which they may engage in philosophical inquiry beyond the classroom. We achieve this by practicing and offering philosophy in a variety of ways: We hold twice-monthly meetings, which feature academic and recreational activities; put together informative workshops; organize a philosophy conference; publish the Oracle: York University’s Undergraduate Philosophical Review; and maintain a listserv. Our twice-monthly meetings are open to all undergraduate students.

Location: 101B Vanier College

Power to Change

Power to Change is a movement of university students who are devoted to changing our campus, our city, and ultimately the world, by helping students discover Jesus! We want to give every student the opportunity to experience the life-changing power of Jesus Christ, and encourage them to share with others of what He has done in their lives. Come join us as we change the world on campus.


York University Society in Support of Red Cross

The purpose of the Society in Support of Red Cross at York U is to educate students, faculty, and external groups about humanitarian issues and the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.  Education increases awareness and enhances the integration of youth within our international network.  Volunteer members, who are committed to humanitarian work at the local and global level, will work in accordance with the Seven Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement, as follows: humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity, and universality. Volunteer members will also function within The Canadian Red Cross Society’s Mission, Vision and Values towards the fulfillment of the Society’s Strategic Goals.

Location: 101B & 028B Vanier College

Y U Write

Y U Write is an organization that focuses on the growth of creative writing students and practitioners. The group has monthly meetings that take place to provide hands-on workshops for writers through different forms and styles of writing, such as short stories, poetry, haiku and more. We also bring the Canadian Literary scene to students through our own initiatives like the Crossroads Literary Festival that features guests from the local scene and through outings to established authors' readings.

Location: 028 Vanier College

York University Mature Students Organization (YUMSO)

yumso logoThe York University Mature Student Organization at York University is a thriving and influential social group for adult learners. Founded in 2004 by Edward Fenner, YUMSO has successfully raised the profile of mature students all over York. YUMSO's main office is at Keele and has a satellite office at Glendon campus. Mature students have much in common with younger students, but also face unique challenges due to age, work, family, and more. Now there is a group for you! There are thousands of adult learners at York and over 600 are signed up to the YUMSO alone. We have a website loaded with handy information all in one place and a Facebook site via the York University Canada network for those so inclined. We host events for mature students to get together frequently over coffee, lunches and more. Home base, located in 113B Vanier, is equipped with 2 desktop computers (one with internet access and the other with printer access), hot coffee, tea, a comfortable place to lounge around, and a quiet place to study, so drop by – or better yet, come volunteer some of your time – in the office to help offer this service to other mature students.

Location: 113B Vanier College