Bonus Points


Your course director will let you know whether you are allowed to collect bonus points for Vanier workshops or Vanier College peer mentor consults.
To view Vanier Workshops: see Vanier Events Calendar
To schedule a Peer Mentor consult, contact information here

Claiming Bonus points:
Workshop Bonus points
  • Register for the workshop: Events Calendar.
  • Attendance: Attend the workshop. Bring your student YUCard, which will be scanned to confirm your attendance.
    Note: Students must attend the entire workshop to be eligible for bonus points. You must scan twice: Prior to the workshop start time; and after the workshop has ended.
  •  Bonus Point Form. Have your form signed/stamped by a workshop leader.
  •  Each workshop only counts for bonus points in one course (no double counting)
Peer Mentor Consult Bonus Points
  • Bonus Point Form. Have your form signed/stamped by a the Peer Mentor.
Bonus Point Forms

Bonus Point Forms will be collected by your Course Instructor during the term, or at the end of term.

Vanier College will provide the Course Instructor a confirmation of workshop attendance and peer mentor consults at the end of each term.

Each bonus point counts for one course only (no double counting).