Collaborative Efforts

The peer mentor program collaborates with other entities on campus, which includes student organizations, professors, and departments, all in an effort to deliver a comprehensive experience to the students affiliated with Vanier College. Through our dedicated peer mentors, our collaborations allow for more effective processes by which students improve academically and socially.

Current Major Collaborations

Bonus Point System

One of our most well known collaboration is the Bonus Point system; this program is a joint effort between the peer mentor program and affiliated departments within York university.

Student Achievement Outreach Program

On top of our existing initiatives, the Peer Mentor office is teaming up with economics professor Uros Petronijevic to explore innovative ways to help students succeed. This year, we’re very excited to be offering mentoring services to students over text messaging! We hope this will be an effective way to help all students, especially those who are not regularly on campus because of long commute times or part time jobs.