Transfer Students

Why should transfer students attend Academic Orientation?

Often transfer students think that they can skip Orientation because they already know how to be successful in higher education.  This can be a mistake because:

  1.  Community College focuses on applied knowledge, while university studies can have a more theoretical focus.  Transfer students who were successful in their former studies often find this challenging.  Academic Orientation will address this challenge and make you aware of the resources that can help with this transition.
  2. York is a very large campus and learning to navigate its resources is a big challenge.  Orientation helps you identify the key resources you will need to be successful.
  3. You probably knew who to contact about academic issues at your prior campus. Academic Orientation connects you immediately with the academic coordinators and advisers in your program.
  4. Unless you transferred from a very large university, you probably had a smaller cohort of fellow students in your prior program.  York programs can be very large, and students often find it much harder to make friends and connect with people.  Fostering those connections is an important part of academic orientation.
  5. Did we mention that York in big?  You will have a chance to take a campus tour at Orientation so you will know where to go when classes begin.