Vanier Awards

A number of awards and bursaries are available to Vanier students. In addition to these college-specific awards and bursaries, there are numerous university-wide scholarships, awards, prizes and bursaries available. You should check out the Office of Student Financial Services on the York website for further information.

Judith Rosner-Siegel Award
This award is given to a student in at least his/her second term, taking a minimum of three courses, who demonstrates financial need. Preference is given to those students who combine academic excellence with community/college contributions.

Janet A. McRae Bursary
This bursary, established to honour the memory of Janet A. McRae, is awarded to a student in good standing who has been a member of Vanier College for at least one year and who shows financial need. Preference will be given to a student from the Madawaska Valley area of Ontario.

Master's Honour Roll: Vanier's Vingt-Deux
At convocation every year, the top 22 students of the graduating class are honoured by designating them members of the Master's Honour Roll. The title was chosen from the College's namesake, Governor-General Georges Vanier's Royal 22nd Regiment of Quebec, known as the "Vandoos".

Simon Downes Award
To honour former VCC President Phil Downes, whose brother Simon died while Phil was in office, this award is given to a student who has overcome personal adversity or who has made a creative contribution to students with special needs at York.

Marshall Beier Environmental Award
To commemorative Beier's efforts to improve Vanier's physical environment and his years of service on University Housing committees, a student who improves the Vanier residence's or facilities' aesthetic or practical conditions wins this award.

John Mageau Award
To honour the outstanding efforts of former Social-Cultural and Promotions Director, John Mageau, this is awarded annually to a student who contributes to the programming, services, or community life of first year students.

Fred Thury Award
Established by Nancy Accinelli to honour Fred Thury's outstanding contribution to the annual Vanier Productions for over 25 years. This is awarded to a student who contributes to theatre at Vanier.

Fran Accinelli Award
This award is presented to a student in recognition of their contribution to the arts at Vanier College.